Technological Process of Key Production

First of all, it is important to remember there are many types of keys. The main difference lays in the way they ensure unique access to certain asset. That can be

  • a house;
  • a car;
  • a cabinet,
  • a box.

Each property needs to be secured.


Main Types of Keys

The simplest types of keys are levers and tumblers. Another group is called cryptographic one. Such are usually used to better house protection. Expensive automobiles are often equipped with them. Main types include private autentificarían, public, transport ones and others. Technologically they are harder to produce than regular ones. They are better differentiated.

Process of Production

Whatever type we choose it  has regular structure. To make it simple, it has  the bow and the blade. Usually, the blade part is the most important. It makes you unlock the necessary door.

According to the key complexity there are different types of key making machines. The simplest one that produce steel keys generate the unique cut by cutting wheel. It is the most important tool to produce secure keys. From blank key it shapes the steel to unique cut. Cut is the features that values most. Its aim is to lock the only one door and therefore to guarantee high level of security.

The company that produces such types of machines is Kaba Ilco. By the way to construct such a machine it is not hard if you like technology. Its structure is quite straightforward.


Key Generation

More complicated type of key production is key generation technology. It is used to produce cryptographic key. Such type is known all over the world. It is the most widely used one. Such keys are used to ensure advanced security.

The trick in technological process of its production is the next. Each key locks or unlocks the lock using special encryption code. Such codes are powered by key generators. Better security of such type of keys is guaranteed due to this advanced technological encryption that random keys do not possess. The best key generators that write such encryption are Solitaire and Linear Feedback Shift Registers.

The whole technological process is therefore based on rules of cryptology. Cryptology uses special algorithms to codify the keys. Each encryption is unique. Therefore to steal an asset being locked by this one is harder. On top there exist different types of cryptographic keys: symmetric and asymmetric. For a random person it would be hard to code such keys. The process of its development is rather technological than mechanical.

It is important to remember that every key master can make duplicates of most keys. Though this rule concerns mainly non cryptographic keys. Secure your belongings!

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Interesting video, thanks to the author, learned a lot of useful

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In many offices there are electronic locks, as they proved their effectiveness, I think mechanical locks already almost do not use