Fine Locks Manufacturers

If you want to secure your property, it is important to put enough money into a lock. What does it mean to pay enough? It is to choose the right balance between price and quality.


What Parameters You Should Pay Attention to, When Choosing the Lock

Here are basics to consider:

  • depending on purpose of its use, locks especially padlocks should be made of fine steel. As they are usually used externally the thieves can try to damage them in any possible way. The quality of material is important.  
  • cryptographic encryption for the respective locks. The cryptography is quite a complicated process. It generates certain codes that are unique. The higher the level of code excellence is, the better it is.
  • producer. Germany in this regard is highly recommended. It is the nation that learnt to combine fine quality with moderate price.

Discover specific manufacturers all over the world.






10 Manufacturers

It is  not easy to compose such a list as the market offers a wide range of manufacturers. Though there are several companies that are highly esteemed. They offer the best level of security.

Kaba Holding. It is a manufacturer from Switzerland. Swiss quality is a brand by itself, so not much can be added. This company produces one of the best electronic locks in the world. 

Chubb locks. This is an English company. It has the reputation of the best keys producer in England. Its market niche is primarily security locks segment. Such products can be used for advanced security for a residential or commercial buildings and properties.

ABUS company is of German origin. Therefore the quality is excellent by definition. The company specializes in production of padlocks.

Master lock. It is an American enterprise that is operating worldwide. It works effectively in many segment and produces fine security solutions. What makes it products special is esthetics of the final product. The padlocks, for example, are of  fine design.

Mul-T-Lock is an Israeli company. It offers advanced solutions. The offers are available for households, businesses. The products vary from multi secured padlocks to commercial cylinders.

Schlage. It is an American producer. It is specialized in electronic locks. They are mostly used in residential areas.

Cisa. It is a producer with long history in business. It specializes in production of card locks. They product range though is quite wide. It is one of several Italian companies on the market.

Deitz Lock Company is the one that needs special attention. Firm offers solutions primarily for residential and business use. Each product is unique and of fine design.

Best lock corporation should be mentioned as well. Its finest product is door lock. It is an American company that appeared on the market in the early XX century.

Yale. It is a company that gets appreciation for its very specific product. It is pin tablet lock. It is innovative solution.

The offer is great. Each customer should assess his or her necessities and choose the right security for himself.

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At my office at work, too, there are Mul-T-Locks locks, you can control from a smartphone