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Car Key Replacement

All Car Key Replacement And Key Fob Service In Oceanside By Red Lock And Key

Car Key Replacements for Old Models

Starting with older vehicles and “retro models”, these cars will still be using old mechanical keys.  If the key had broken off in the ignition or in the car door then Locksmith Oceanside has the experience and expertise to deal with the problem.  The original key can be retrieved and a copy made. The ignition and door lock will be replaced. If the key had gone missing altogether, and there was no spare, then a copy can still be made from a blank. With older keys, this is less of a problem as the keys then were simple.  If you can find the car’s serial number or VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), this could also make life a lot easier.

On the other hand, modern car keys are laser cut, with little grooves and notches. This makes them more difficult to copy, but there is a better chance of finding the original specification of the key. It very much depends on what you want. You may have a “retro” Cadillac from the 1950s and you want to keep everything as authentic as possible. In this regard, you may want a new set of keys cut. For someone with an older cheaper car, it might make more sense to have a keyless system installed.  An out- of- date model would be difficult to track down, so using a specialist car key replacement company makes a lot of sense. It also saves time and money. We can provide these services for you at Red Lock and Key.

Car Key Replacement for Modern Vehicles

Pretty much all modern vehicles, both commercial and domestic, have various kinds of digital key systems. This may be less so with motor bikes and scooters. You can simply “bleep” your car from a distance and all the doors, including the boot, are opened. So in this case, access to your vehicle has become “keyless”.

A transponder can also “lock” a car engine. Unless the correct signal is transmitted to the car engine’s micro electronics system, it will not “turn on”. This means that potential thieves find it a lot harder to “hot wire” a car. In this regard, our car key replacement company can provide you with a new transponder key that matches a newly programmed system in your car engine. You could take a lot of time, trouble, and expense going to your dealer to get this done. However, this seems a very straight forward and simple way of getting around this problem. This also applies to cars that use “rolling code keys.” Again, these keys can be set up to work with the car and the car engine. This system was developed because car thieves were intercepting the “keyless” signals and recording them. Later they would break into the car.

Another variation is the VAT (Vehicle Anti Theft System) or PASS (Personal Automotive Security System). This relies on the car recognizing the same set of resistances that are set up in the key. Please visit our website for more information.

Locksmith Services for Residential Properties

Your personal security and that of your family is not something you should take for granted. You may not have noticed or gotten used to the fact that there are problems with your door key. Your front door Yale lock is working loose. The windows in your house do not fit properly. The catches on all windows don’t work and have become rusty. This could be a recipe for disaster. It is just the kind of house a burglar is looking for. The solution is to get in touch with us at Red Lock and Key, so that we can spruce things up for you.

To start with, the whole place may need renovating, but security should not be ignored. The front door will need at least one deadbolt lock. It would also be good to consider including one on the back door as well. All external doors should have these. Sliding windows are another easy way in. Catches are not good enough. Add a lock at the base of the door, as well as other locks. A jimmy is often used to gain leverage on a door or window. A low lock would stop that. The same applies to the front door. Do not neglect sky lights and connecting doors through to garages. Home security is there to make the job of a thief as difficult as possible. This would add value to your property plus help with house insurance.

Commercial Properties

Commercial properties can range in size from a small bar to a large department store or a major bank. They all share a common concern for security. A small store may only need deadlocks, window grills, and a straight forward alarm system combined with some CCTV coverage.

 Security is considerably scaled up in a larger establishment. A large department store operating in a mall will need CCTV coverage. This maybe non-intrusive and possibly mounted in the ceilings, but any store has to be on the lookout for shop lifters.

A commercial office will have a lot of people performing different roles.  In the past, they would have had their own set of keys.  What if the keys had gone missing? The locks were starting to wear. Ex- employees forgot to return their keys. In this case, a “key less” system provides a lot more over all control. These could use press button systems, with every one having their own password. Key fobs or swipe cards could also be used. Access to key areas could be controlled. Data from each entry would start to show patterns. Anything unusual could be monitored. There would have to be high security external doors and locks. This way, there would be a far better chance of tracking individuals inside the building, especially if this was combined with a CCTV. Cabinets and lost keys can be a great source of irritation. This could also be better controlled. For more information about our services, call us or drop by our office some time.