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All Automotive Locksmith Service In Oceanside By Red Lock And Key

Automotive Locksmiths for Cars and Mechanical Locks

You have a problem with your car.  The key has broken in the ignition or it has broken in the car door. Call Oceanside Locksmith, and we will gladly sort this out for you. We are open 24/7 and aim to reach anyone in an emergency in 20 minutes. It would be a very good idea for you to look up our company up online, make a note of our  number, then store it on your cell phone in  case of an emergency.

Our service is extended to commercial vehicles, motor bikes, and scooters. Common problems are leaving your car keys either in the ignition or on the car seat, and then unknowingly closing the door. Automotive locksmiths can quickly gain entry into your vehicle and retrieve your car key. There will be no damage to your vehicle.

A slightly more serious matter is where your car key has broken in the ignition or in the external lock. Again, the internal ignition can be repaired as your car door lock. If you have totally lost your car key and you do not have a spare, then a replacement can still be made. The car has a VIN or Vehicle Registration Number, along with a serial number. From this, the exact key specification can be tracked down. Alternatively, a skilled locksmith can reproduce the original key.  For those in Oceanside, CA, visit us at Red Lock and Key.

Emergency Locksmiths and   Electronic Car Key Replacements

There are two main areas to look into regarding car keys. Older vehicles and maybe your 1950’s model will use mechanical keys. These can be replaced. Modern cars use electronic systems. These, too, can be dealt with. Most modern cars are not quite keyless. There is still a door and ignition key. Many use remote systems. By pressing on your key, you can remotely open the car doors. Pressing again closes all the doors and can immobilize the car engine. This prevents anyone from jump starting it. Losing these keys presents different sets of problems and skills. Emergency Locksmiths are up to this challenge. A new transponder key can be supplied. and the car systems can be reprogrammed.

Another variation is the VAT (Vehicle Anti-Theft System) key. This is based on a sequence of different resistance in the key, which matches the car system. Again, this can be restored and replaced.  “Rolling Code” systems are now very common.  This is a sophisticated system that allows the key and car systems to constantly change codes. This is to prevent bystanders from scanning you while you unlock your car with your remote. They store this data and use it to break into your car later. If your vehicle is under warranty, it might be worthwhile checking how you stand if there is a problem with your car key. However, going back to the dealer might make this a lengthy process. Consider employing our service, as we are capable of doing the work for you, too.

Red Lock and key – Protect Your Residential Properties

Oh, this is something you have taken for granted for a long time. You have a bolt on your back kitchen door. There is one Yale lock on your front door. No locks on any windows or the sliding window in your living room. They only have catches.  There is a simple lock on your adjacent garage, and there is a connecting door to your house. There is no lock on that. You might as well have a sign up on your house stating “Come and burglar me”. If anything was to happen, how would you stand with your house insurance?  Would you not blame yourself?

Added to this, your doors are rotting. Keys and locks are rusting. They are getting increasingly loose. Your neighborhood could change. Opportunist burglars may start coming there. Before anything serious happens, it might be a good idea to get in touch with Red Lock and Key. Isn’t an ounce of prevention worth a pound of cure?

Starting with your front door, this is such a bad state that a shoulder barge could be all that is needed. Once you have a competent carpenter, install a new door and door frame. It would be wise to consider adding deadlocks to the front door. You can only move one by rotating the cylinder in the lock. Add one of these; maybe two on either side of a central Yale lock.  There is no chance of any jimmy or leverage being used on this door. For those in Oceanside, CA, contact us at Red lock and Key for your locksmith service needs.

Locksmith Services for Residential, Commercial Properties, and Modern Developments

You can further add secure locks to all external doors, windows, and sliding doors.  You may want to include some internal doors, as well. Peep holes can be used in your front door for you to check and see who is calling.  You can take all these a stage further. Modern technological developments can help you extend the scope of home security.

The CCTV is becoming more common.  From the comfort of your living room, you can monitor what happens outside. Alarms, sensors, and timer systems can be set up to give added security. These can all be controlled and monitored at a distance using the internet, smart phones, lap tops, etc. All of these modern developments can be magnified considerably if you apply these to a large commercial concern. A small cafe has the option of using alarm systems, but a bank or retail outlets must make use of them.

The CCTV has an obvious use for security inside and outside of a commercial building 24/7.  Benefits can be gained by using “key less” systems throughout a commercial concern. Fobs, card swipes, and keypads for coded entry can all be used by employees in a business as an alternative to keys.  Apart from the problems of keys going missing, locks wearing out and rusting, and ex- employees failing to return keys, it is very difficult to control all of these. For more details on this please visit our website.