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We here 24 hour emergency to help with more than just home lockouts and lock repair. Call us


We are commercial locksmith experts, offers your business the best lock and key services


Our experienced locksmiths have the latest training and technology and are able to work quickly.


We are the largest security cameras & CCTV supplier company with a lot of experience

What Can Locksmith Oceanside CA Offer You?

With the growing population of fake and unscrupulous locksmiths, the people have been meticulous and doubtful about each and every locksmith service providers they’ve come through. That is why it is hard for good locksmiths to attract lots of clients. However, clients always set a certain standard when they are looking for a potential locksmith service provider. When talking potential locksmiths, Locksmith Oceanside CA have them all. Our company is aware that lots of bogus locksmith service providers are lurking around; so we endeavored to set ourselves apart from them.

Being late was never in our agenda, so expect Oceanside locksmith to arrive within a short period of time. Our company doesn’t want our customers to wait in thin air with a challenging situation on hand. We are always early at arriving in your place. Unless your location is situated in the suburbs, expect us to be there in less than an hour. Whenever you needed our locksmith services, you can contact us at our telephone number that is available for your reach any time you’d call.

Once you contact us, we immediately respond by going to your place with the appropriate tools and strategies to solve any of your locksmith problems. You can avoid the stress and annoying feelings brought by a lockout situation if you allow us to assist you with it. Give yourself a favor and prevent any bogus locksmith service providers from reaching you by choosing us to aid you with our top-notch, reliable, and trusted services. We offer an affordable price list for any type of locksmith services and you will surely have the best value for your money. Avoid wasting time and bogus locksmiths, call us now and let us know how we can help you.

Why We are The Best Locksmith Services?

Red Lock and Key offers a wide-ranging selection of locksmith services. The main reason why our company was put up was because of a vision to provide quality and reliable locksmith services of all kinds. We have varying forms of services; but one thing is for sure, they are performed with great attention and efficient solution.

Our commercial locksmith services are sought after by all kinds of business proprietors and owners. Since their main concern is to achieve a tight and effective security system for their building, we give it to them using our latest tools and gadgets. When it comes to big companies, a complex security system is ideal since they are the target of most criminals and thieves. High-quality deadbolts and state-of-the-art security and alarm systems are installed. For small business owners, a simple yet much protected lock schemes are advisable. We can also install CCTV cameras around your business establishment for any danger that might be lurking around the building.

Residential locksmith services are popular among private and local residences. Our company offers lock and key upgrade to make it hard to gain entry in your house. We also provide key duplication, replacement, and repair. Garage door installations and alarm systems are also well-known among residential owners. If you are a safety-conscious homeowner who is always bugged by worries about your home’s safety, it’s time to call for an exceptional home protection services. You will have no disturbances and possible break-ins anymore because our professional home security system is ideal to keep burglars at bay.

The Many Attributes of Red Lock and Key Locksmiths

  • Licensed – Whenever a client is looking for a good locksmith, this is the first thing that they consider. Too bad for fake locksmiths because they don’t stand a chance against our company because we work hard to get our license. Being licensed means submitting legal documents for approval and undertaking intensive processes such as fingerprinting and background check. This unique feature is what sets our company apart, because bogus locksmith service provider will easily be recognized and busted if they try to undergo such thorough processes.
  • Bonded and Insured – Once you choose our company to provide you with locksmith services, your future is protected with us. Being insured and bonded from the best insurance organization, our clients can make sure that when an accident or injury happen in the future while we are providing our locksmith services, they will get a refund for the damaged valuables in their homes or offices. Our company will never let you lose or waste any of your valuables without the reasonable costs being covered. For unreliable locksmith service provider, they will just charge you with sky high fees and they will never take full responsibility for any damages they’ve done on your residential property, vehicle, and or commercial establishment.

What We Are Proud Of

  • Professional – There’s nothing better than hiring a professional locksmith from our company. We don’t limit our resources to outdated locksmith methods and equipments. Instead, we always find new techniques and upgraded locksmith tools for better and effective locksmith services. The last thing clients want to do is to hire a locksmith that has no idea on what he is doing. Locksmith Oceanside CA is professional, expert, and experienced when it comes to providing locksmith services.
  • 24-hours Accessibility – Emergency lockout situations can wake you up in the middle of a deep slumber. When that situation happens, the first thing a client would do is call the nearest available locksmith service provider. Our company focuses on giving solution to any emergency lockout situation 24-hours a day. It’s nice to know that you have someone to go to every time you are in a middle of a difficult situation. That is why our company aims to provide convenience to our clients even during the wee hours of the night.
  • Cars – For an avid car or vehicle owner, your vehicle’s safety is our main concern. That is why our company also offers a huge variety of automotive locksmith services. For emergency car lockout situation, we will arrive at your current location and we will gain entry in your car without damaging anything in the process.