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All Emergency Service In Oceanside By Red Lock And Key

The Best 24/7 Emergency Locksmith in Oceanside

Find yourself locked out of your house or car with no place to go and no nearby automotive shop to go to? Whether it’s day or night, our emergency hotline is available for all customers in need of our locksmith services. So if you’re looking for the best locksmith service provider in Oceanside, California, then you are looking for Locksmith Oceanside. We started in the early 90’s with the usual locksmith services like key cutting, duplication, and extraction. Now, we have been growing as one of the best locksmith companies in all of San Diego and soon, California.

Our services are categorized into three:

  • Replacement
  • Repair
  • Installation

We provide our services for residential infrastructures, commercial buildings, and automotives. The people of Oceanside are familiar with the standard of our services, and it is safe to say that they are happy with what we do. We don’t focus on customer satisfaction. We focus on getting the job done because customer satisfaction automatically comes next. Our 24/7 business attends to at least 50 to 70 customers daily. There are times when we even provide services to almost 100 clients in one day. Most of our clients give us a call during emergency situations like lock outs, malfunctioning key ignitions, and broken key holes. We always use all of our resources and manpower to provide all services to every call we receive.

The Services we offer

We provide all locksmith services in general not just emergency requests. We also provide the following services;

  • Key Extraction
  • Key Duplication
  • Car Key Replacement and Duplication
  • Lock Replacement and Repair
  • Transponder Programming
  • Key Ignition Repair
  • Biometrics Lock Installation and Repair

In our years of being in business, we found out that a locksmith company mainly deals with emergency situations. So instead of a locksmith, the people recognize us as an emergency locksmith company. We are available around the clock for calls day or night. Before and after our services, we always conduct an inspection. For example, one of our usual customers gave us a call around 12 midnight because he and his family were locked out of their house. We got to their house 15 minutes after the call and the key was stuck in the keyhole. All of their doors were secured with standard deadbolt locks, which we installed. The problem was that the key was bent while the father was opening the door. The inspection in this case is important to determine the cause of the problem and to come up with the right solution for it. Picking the lock or forcing the key will only lead to bigger damages. After a whole hour, we were able to extract the key and install a new deadbolt lock. The post inspection is to make sure that the new key works well and that the lock is properly installed within the door. We have been consistent with our methods, and they have been proven to be effective for the best repair and installation results.

Essence of an Emergency Locksmith

Most people aren’t aware of the real reason we do this. There is only one word, which we center our services on–security. What we do is we upgrade security systems for homes, buildings, and cars. We want to promote and maintain peace and orderliness for the whole community of Oceanside. There are over 175,000 residents in this city, not to mention hundreds of tourist and visitors from other cities and states coming in and out. Our contribution to the community is the services we provide for their security and to help people gain access to their properties. Red Lock and Key is a trusted security asset for the entire city. The people know what we do and how we do the services we offer.

It is trust that is given and received in this business. Trust from the customers that the company they commissioned will deliver what they asked for. We also trust our customers that they will be honest with the payment and never criticize what we do. Speaking of criticism, we have received minimal complaints over our years of service. Our regulars even have us on speed dial. What we do is important for this city. Because of what we do, we are certain that these people will always have someone at the ready to help them when it comes to their locksmith problems. We promise to attend to everyone in need of our services. As such, we also ask our future customers for their cooperation and respect in what we do.

Our Team, Resources, and Policy

Our teams of professionals are more than capable of providing the best 24 hour locksmith services. Each of our personnel underwent extensive training to harness their technical and locksmith skills. Our customer service representatives are also knowledgeable individuals who can provide accurate information and instructions to callers. The materials and machineries we utilize are also well-maintained for top quality results. The Likewise, those we use for installation and replacement are manufactured by the best companies, so that all of our services are fool proof with resources and manpower.

When it comes to our work policy, we are meticulous in keeping the level of our services beyond excellent. Damages, shortcomings, and mistakes on our part will be refunded. We also maintain our business ethics so security is present before, during, and after our services. Our teams might appear rude and serious on the outside, but they are actually approachable and friendly.  We simply focus on what we, do but we are also prepared to attend to all questions and concerns from our customers. To know more about the services we provide, feel free to give us a call or send as an email. If you ever find yourself in emergency situations like being locked out of your apartment or losing your key in the middle of the road, you know who to call. Our price rates for our services are always affordable. We look forward to hearing from you soon.